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Visit to St Peter's School, Huntingdon

I SPENT a thoroughly enjoyable morning talking to students at St Peter’s school in Huntingdon on Friday.

I spoke to two assemblies in the school hall – first of year nine pupils and then to sixth formers – setting out my involvement with the campaign for Brexit and explaining my work as an MEP.

There then followed lively question and answer sessions and I was most impressed with the behaviour, knowledge and conduct of all the students.

Despite surveys showing that most young people are broadly pro-EU membership, I encountered a good mixture of views from students at the school.

I was told I was the first MEP or MP to address an assembly at the school – but hopefully I won’t be the last. Whoever follows in my footsteps should know that the student body is no pushover but takes a lively interest in the political process.

Perhaps there was a future politician within their ranks.